Hygiene & Factory Audit

LTL Consultants are experts in conducting hygiene and factory/facility audits. Below we explain what our audits will cover and more.  Should you have any questions or if you’d like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hygiene Audits

LTL have been conducting Hygiene audits with regards to restaurants, hotels and Fast food outlets for major brand names for over 15 years.

There are different types of hygiene audits that can be carried out depending on your requirements and budget.

A detailed audit will cover the following:

  • Surface Swabs are taken to determine if the place is effectively cleaned and sanitized as required.
  • Hand swabs are taken to determine if staff are washing and that sanitizing hands as required.
  • Food samples are taken and evaluated for different bacteria depending on the type of food product for example cooked products/salads/ice cream etc.
  • Water and ice samples are taken to ensure quality of water are as per legislation.
  • Chemicals are evaluated to ensure effectiveness and the use thereof is verified.
  • Receiving practices are evaluated.
  • Storing principles ( dry/frozen and chilled) are evaluated and temperature monitoring conducted.
  • Holding equipment is evaluated and temperatures are taken to ensure products are kept at the correct temperature as per legislation ( this includes cold and hot).
  • Staff eating facilities and change rooms are checked to ensure it complies.
  • Refuse handling and refuse areas are inspected.
  • Front of House and back of house are inspected for various aspects.
  • Date coding and shelf life are evaluated including in use shelf life.


  1. A check form is filled in
  2. Photographs are taken
  3. Detailed report conducted from above information. These reports includes findings, % rate, graphs, recommendations as well as action lists. All reports will be customized as per your requirements

Basic Audits can be conducted with, or without swabs.


Factory/Facility Audit

Our staff are ALL Internationally qualified Auditors!

We have different options available that will suite your requirements with regard to auditing your facility. We cover all Manufacturing, Storage, transporting facilities including all Food and Packaging manufacturing as well as Clothing manufacturers.

All audits will be based on National Legislation, Standards and Acts related to the premises audited. For example:

  • SANS 10049 ( GMP/PRP)
  • SANS 10330 ( HACCP)
  • R962
  • Foodstuffs, Cosmetic and Disinfectant act
  • etc

This is not a GFSI audit – for all GFSI audits contact ISC Global SA

The audits will cover the following basics but can include much more if required:

  • Building Construction
  • Staff Practices and Comforts
  • Hand and Bootwash facilities
  • Equipment
  • GMP’s/PRP’s
  • Process Flow
  • High Risk
  • Waste Control
  • Pest Control
  • Cleaning
  • Storage
  • Goods Received
  • Goods Dispatch
  • Warehouse/Transportation
  • Laboratory
  • General
  • Qc Data
  • Any inappropriate action
  • Customer Specific Requirement

A detailed report is then issued which includes score, findings, recommendations, action lists and photographs.

Supplier and supplier chain monitoring is conducted using our unique auditing systems.